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Vein Therapy

Sclerotherapy Vein Therapy Evansville, Indiana

Sclerotherapy is the injection of solutions into abnormally dilated or cosmetically unacceptable veins. The process provokes an irritation of the lining of the blood vessel, causing it to eventually collapse and fade from view. Treatment involves little if any discomfort and no down time. Two to three sessions at Midwest Skin Institute may be required with 50-80% of injected veins eliminated with each session. Vein Therapy Evansville, Indiana

Prior to the procedure it is preferred that the client pick up some compression stockings 20-30 mm Hg. Do not use bath oil, lotion or powder the night before or day of treatment. Wear loose slacks, sweat pants, or a skirt to accommodate any dressings or compression hose. Bring loose fitting shorts to wear during the procedure. Avoid anti-inflammatories and aspirin for one week prior to the procedure.

Light Therapy Vein Therapy Evansville, Indiana

For smaller veins of the face and body laser or light treatments may be beneficial. Telangiectasias are slightly raised red spots of blood vessels just under the surface of the skin. Facial redness is generally caused by small thread veins and tiny blood vessels under the skin. IPL treatment and ND:YAG laser light is an alternative to injecting the vessels with a sclerosing solution and is suitable for the treatment of many red skin blemishes on the face and upper body. IPL and ND:YAG laser light which is readily absorbed by the blood vessels is used to blanch and close the fine thread veins and leg veins. Mild discomfort (without anesthesia) is rewarded with an immediate result.